The Program's Vision

  • Develop Humanware IT (Information Technology) experts
    ☞ Train creative individuals who can improve hardware and software technology and promote a paradigm shift to a more human-friendly Humanware IT

Objectives Based on the Vision

  • Foster creativity and passion through an innovative, educational infrastructure and create global leaders who will contribute to the creative industry
  • Strengthen the research capacity based on human innovation through interdisciplinary programs and enhance the competitiveness of the national industry

The 3C's: Stepping Stones of the Vision and Goals

  • Creativity : Incorporate creativity in education and research methods through interdisciplinary programs, diverse experiences, and extensive exchanges of technical knowledge
  • Challenge : Create a challenging education and research atmosphere that will actively develop and pioneer a new paradigm of information technology
  • Community: Construct an infrastructure for education and research based on communication and collaboration through the participation of diverse communities from the school and country

Goals and Strategies to Develop Creative Prospects with Humanware IT Technical Skills"